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About Us

In order to produce mold and machine spare parts in 1988 Our company, founded by Vehbi Esme, has changed its partnership structure and started to Continues its activities as ERVO MACHINERY in the same field of activity.

Among the sectors we manufacture parts; Tobacco-cigarettes, textiles, packaging, automotive, chemicals, Iron and steel, food, energy, plastics, medical, cement and corrugated board.

As a company, our policy is precise and specific for our customers on time and quality To produce in a way. In this context, necessary quality systems and technology are under development. our priorties

The companies we are working with are the leading corporate or international companies in Turkey. Having the knowledge and experience to do business with corporate companies At the same time having a human resource that can manage processes well ERVO MAKİNA;

It is able to produce 1500 different types of parts in different sectors, against hard and new works It is equipped with the necessary perspective.